Quality, productivity and biodiversity in the Trentino system

The “Agrifood” ​​specialisation area includes a large variety of production sectors, to include:

  • primary sector, with particular reference to the fruit, vegetables, livestock and fish sectors.
  • industrial sector, with particular reference to food and beverage processing sectors, and food-processing, packaging and packaging materials industry.
  • tertiary sector, with reference to the commerce sector (for example, large-scale distribution and marketing from wholesale to retail, catering, gastronomy and farm holidays), and to other services (logistics and transport, analysis, control and certification services, ICT, energy enhancement of waste and food by-products). It is a strategic sector for Trentino, a territorial reality that boasts great sensitivity towards high-quality productions. This is demonstrated by the many denominations of protected origin (DPO) for apples, grapes and small fruits , in accordance with environmental policies linked to sustainable production and growing attention to issues related to wellness and quality of life. Among the typical traditional and high-quality products, by way of example, we cite meats, cheeses, oil, wine and spumanti.

From a technical-scientific point of view, Trentino can count on the presence of numerous specialised research and innovation centers and specialized training courses, including Fondazione Edmund Mach , COSBI, CNR-IBAF, and the University of Trento.